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Pongoose blog image - Pongoose Climber 1000+ clipstick

The Pongoose Climber 1000+ Project

October 02, 2019 1 Comment

Almost two years after the launch of the Pongoose brand and the innovative Pongoose Climber 700 clipstick, we were finally in a position to launch the new longer length, multidirectional and 3in1 clipstick. The opportunity to offer two lengths of clipstick was just too good to miss so we focused all our energy into working doggedly hard to get this in place as a priority. For those interested in the process, this is the story of how the Pongoose Climber 1000+ came to life.


The Why

After the overwhelming, international success of the Pongoose Climber 700, the demand for a longer length option was something that couldn’t be ignored. Customers from all around the world were emailing us asking us when we would be getting a longer length and we were overwhelmed by the support we were receiving from the global climbing community as a brand still in its infancy.

Whilst the original length stick is perfect for travelling with and will reach most first, second, and even some third bolts, depending where you are, there’s no doubt that sometimes those bolts are placed just a little too high or you simply want to clip more bolts from the ground. The longer length just had to happen to enable us to grow as a brand.

Pongoose Climber 1000+ image

The How

Testing of different length and style telescopic poles began in early 2018. We tested various different lengths and options, finally narrowing it down to two; the 1200mm and 1000mm sizes (collapsed pole length). After final testing of both, although we know some climbers like to have the most reach possible, even to clip the chains at the top of a route, the 1200mm length was simply too bendy and the additional reach was not worth the sacrifice in stability and control. The final Pongoose Climber 1000+ combines the perfect balance of reach and controllability with very little bend, especially if the dangling rope is held securely against the pole.

Along the way, we involved Pro-climber and friend, Robbie Phillips, who loves a good Pongoose. He offered to help test the longer stick whilst bolting a new big wall route in Madagascar and really put the new length through its paces. It was a success and the stick even played the part of extra in the climbing film, Blood Moon. Photo credit: right image by Robbie Phillips.

Pongoose Climber testing lengths image Pongoose Climber testing of different length telescopic poles image Robbie Phillips using Pongoose Climber 1000 in Madagascar - Blood Moon

The ‘+’

With extra length came the need for an even stronger, more durable telescopic pole due to the forces exerted on the connecting sections. In order to avoid sacrificing stability for length, the individual pole sections have been made slightly wider in diameter than the original Pongoose Climber 700 size pole. With this change also came upgraded twist-lock mechanisms to cope with the additional length and weight when extended. Hence, the ‘+’ was born.

Pongoose Climber 1000+ telescopic poles image

The Interchangeability

This is the most exciting bit of the project and Pongoose Climber collection. Mr Pongoose is one for thinking ahead so the Pongoose Climber was originally designed with the idea to swap head complexes between different size poles. This means customers only have to buy one complete clipstick and a separate telescopic pole, rather than two complete clipsticks.

The identical camera thread on the top of the poles means the entire head complex can be unscrewed and swapped to a different length pole, so climbers have the choice of which length they need for their choice of crag or climbing destination. All the interchangeable functions to transform the clipstick into a brushing stick or an action camera boom are still applicable. 

See products page for individual clipstick and telescopic pole prices and full details.

Pongoose Climber telescopic poles interchangeability image

The Support

Pongoose were very lucky to have collaborated with the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) which enabled the expansion of the business and the fruition of the Pongoose Climber 1000+ project. Massive thanks to them and the European Regional Development Funding for research and innovation that has made it possible for us to grow our business.


Pongoose blog - Pongoose Climber 1000+ project AUB logo Pongoose blog - Pongoose Climber 1000+ project European Regional Development Fund logo



Main cover image credit: with thanks to Sam and Emmie, After the Send.

1 Response

Ryan Keith Worsham
Ryan Keith Worsham

March 24, 2020

I have had every clip stick style since using hose clamps and spring clamps on painters poles. I have a short beta stick for travel and its nice but i miss how i could “though fiddly” unclip draws with my squid. You made the new length and that justified me buying my sixth clip stick in 23 years of climbing.
Pongoose 1000+ will be my last one and it was worth the wait. I have broken both ankles and my left leg… clipsticks are truly life savers for lifer climbers and there great for pushing my grades in sketchy places. Thank you!

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