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Proud supporters of Climbers Against Cancer

Proud supporters of Climbers Against Cancer

October 05, 2017

Pongoose are happy to announce we are now a supporter of Climbers Against Cancer (CAC). At the Edinburgh World Cup lead and paraclimbing event two weeks ago, we met the lovely ladies from CAC and learnt more about the fantastic work they are doing. We just had to become involved and offer our support.

At the event, a massive £25,000 donation was made to the BC Cancer Foundation in Vancouver, a worthy cause indeed. Not to mention fantastic takings from the sale of merchandise from the CAC stall throughout the weekend. This is just a snippet of what the charity is now achieving with help from the climbing community.

So, most of you have heard of CAC right? You’ve seen their T-shirts at the climbing wall or on social media? Or even own one or two? But do you know about how the charity started and the ethos? We found out more from Sue and Helan at the event. CAC was started in 2012 by the late John Ellison who sadly passed away from cancer in December 2015 at the age of 52. A climber who was an integral part of the climbing scene, John felt he belonged to a larger ‘extended family’ and wanted to share that feeling to the wider climbing community, whilst raising money to help cancer research. Following his own diagnosis and a desire to set up a legacy that would continue after his own time on this earth, he set up the organisation with a number of other Trustees, including the current world number one boulderer, Shauna Coxsey. Being open with his own diagnosis, John was able to promote dialogue within the climbing world about cancer. A topic that can still be difficult to broach, even in this day and age, but also in a world where most climbers are fit, healthy and take care of their bodies, like John did, and may not give it too much consideration.

“You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth” John Ellison.   

We personally found John’s story so inspirational. Most people these days have had their lives touched by cancer in some shape or form, be it themselves or family and friends. Ultimately, climbers tend to be adventurous people and we are the perfect group to share his vision and also ensure our own lives have width and depth. John’s vision of the extended family has spread wide and far across the globe with the help of Ambassadors such as Alex Megos, Emily Harrington and many more, not to mention the tens of thousands of ‘normal’ climbers and children who don their CAC clothing on a daily basis.

How can you help? What a fabulous question! Pop along to the CAC website (link via logo on our homepage) and hit that donate button. You can also add your own personal story, upload your photos to the CAC ‘family album’, purchase merchandise and read more about the organisation. Keep an eye out for the CAC ladies on their stall at climbing events and festivals to buy their funky coloured T-shirts, hoodies and hats. You don’t want to miss out as those bad boys frequently sell out! If you see Pongoose at an event or demo, we will also have a donation box that you can fill up for us to send on to CAC. 

Pongoose is proud to be part of the climbing ‘extended family’ John had as part of his vision for the future of CAC. We are people that believe in being kind to each other, supporting the greater good and keeping it real. This final quote from John Ellison says it all…

“The strength of a man is not in his muscles but what is in his heart” John Ellison.

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