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Pongoose Climbing Brush Sloper-Doper

These days, climbers are after more than just a plastic toothbrush to brush their holds. They care about environmentally friendly materials, less polluting air miles and minimising rock erosion. They demand well thought-out handle and head shapes, funky designs and natural bristles that are ethically obtained. If you're a climber or boulderer who wants to buy a serious, well-designed brush then read on.

Our uniquely designed, UK manufactured Pongoose climbing brushes are created with comfort and ultimate grip in mind. They have a specially designed beech wood handle with ethically sourced, dense horse hair bristles, making it a high quality, environmentally friendly brush for effective chalk removal. The handles are contoured to fit your hand comfortably, keeping your knuckles out of the way and helping to prevent over-brushing. The bristles are cut longer at the tip which means an extended life for your brushes too. Our brushes comes with a short length of random coloured organic cotton cord so you can clip them to your chalk bag or harness. With the novel Pongoose artwork laser etched into the back of the board, you'll definitely stand out at the crag or the climbing wall with your Pongoose bouldering brush.

The Sloper-Doper brush is the largest of the three brushes in the collection with the biggest surface area of bristles perfect for brushing all types of holds, especially the larger ones such as slopers that require more bristle coverage than our other brushes. The teardrop shape with pointed tip also allows for getting into smaller nooks and crannies. 

*** If you need a replacement brush for your Pongoose Climber, you can buy one with a threaded insert in situ. Just select this from the drop down box below. Clipstick not included.

TECHNICAL DETAILS (Sloper-Doper brush):

  • Wood: Beech
  • Bristles: Horse hair
  • Weight: 29g 
  • Length: 175mm
  • Head width (widest point): 28mm


Type: Brush

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