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Pongoose Climber 700+ (travel length) - 3in1 Clipstick / Stick Clip

The Pongoose Climber 700+ is the one item that's been missing from your sport climbing and bouldering gear. You can now say goodbye to fearful lead climbing and struggling to brush high up holds, and become the confident climber you always aspired to be. Whether you call it a clip stick, a stick clip or even a cheat stick, you'll be glad to have it by your side on the crag.  

Widely regarded as the worlds leading remote clipping device for sport climbing. The Pongoose Climber 700+ is the first multi-directional clipstick/stick clip and brushing stick that also transforms into an action camera boom and monopod, with the ability to rodeo-clip and easily retrieve quickdraws. Essentially a multi-tool with interchangeable, removable heads, you can rely on the Pongoose Climber 700+ to be a go-to part of your climbing adventures. Ideal size for travelling.

NB - Two sizes pictured for size context but only one size provided unless both ordered separately.

*** THREADED PONGOOSE BRUSH - Available in bundle deal for discounted price - see drop down box for options (brush styles can be seen on the products page) ***

  • Multi-directional head and bracket that can be angled to clip or brush in any direction
  • Smoothly retrieves quickdraws from routes
  • Compatible with any quickdraw currently on the market
  • Solid aluminium clipstick head which securely holds your quickdraw
  • Smoothly and reliably clips the quickdraw into a bolt or the rope into a quickdraw
  • Replace the clipstick head with the adapted Pongoose brush with threaded insert for brushing holds
  • Replace the clipstick head with your action camera to make the ultimate filming boom, or remove the entire head unit to transform the pole into a monopod (camera not included)
  • Clip to your harness via the bracket to be hands-free or send up to your climbing partner to clip above a crux, clip in the rope or retrieve a quickdraw
  • Compact sized pole and removable head unit allow ease of packing in your luggage
  • Heads anodised in a choice of five bright, eye-catching colours; purple, orange, green, turquoise or gunmetal
  • Mix up your colour scheme with the two spare silicone beads included - see photos for colours (CARE - please keep beads away from small children)
  • Satin anodised black telescopic pole and gunmetal bracket as standard
  • If you lose or damage any part of your Pongoose Climber 700+ you can contact us to purchase replacement parts
  • Extended length: approx 2.85m (with head unit)
  • Collapsed length: approx 720mm (without head unit)
  • Weight: 600g (with head unit)
  • Pole without head fits inside most backpacks 60L or larger
  • Brush available with threaded insert in situ ready to screw to bracket

Type: 3in1 Clipstick


With the flexibility of the multi-directional head and bracket, you can clip, brush or capture photos at any desired angle by adjusting the relevant thumb screws. This means you can clip bolts that are placed at awkward angles or above a big ledge where you may otherwise struggle to clip a bolt. The Pongoose brush is supplied with a threaded insert as standard so you can screw this to the bracket in place of the clipstick head to clean chalky holds. The brush attaches both upwards and downwards, and again can be moved to any angle to enable brushing of any hold, including ledges, slopers, crimps, undercuts and sidepulls. Pop your action camera in place of the clipstick head or brush, and adjust the angle to capture climbing photos from aspects that will make your Instagram feed the envy of all your climbing friends. 

Try it out, we think you'll love it as much as we do.

Pongoose Climber 700 clipstick bracket and clipstick head angled to show it can clip bolts at multi- angles.

Pongoose Climber 700 clipstick hung from quickdraw using hole in bracket to demonstrate hanging on a climbing harness.


The Pongoose Climber has been designed with maximum functionality in mind, carefully thought out to make the very best quality product to make your life easier. So what's different about it?

- The brightly anodised solid aluminium clipstick head has no moving parts and will hold your quickdraw so you can extend the pole without it falling out.

- Attach your pole to your harness or send it up a route to your climbing partner using a quickdraw clipped through the hole in the bracket to be hands-free and avoid dropping it on people below (not recommended with the longer length without extreme care).

- The coloured beads grip the spine of the quickdraw making it easier for you to secure it and smoothly clip in a rope or retrieve the quickdraw.

- The clipstick works with the bracket secured at any angle, however the stamped markers 'Q' for quickdraw and 'R' for rope indicate the optimum positions for clipping a quickdraw, or using a bight of rope to clip into a quickdraw or to retrieve a quickdraw.

- Transform your pole into a camera boom or monopod using the universal camera screw threads on the top of the bracket and the top of the pole respectively (do not use too big or heavy a camera).


If you're new to climbing and aren't sure how to use a clipstick / stick clip, check out our instructional videos for how to use your Pongoose Climber. You'll learn how to clipstick a sport climbing route, clip the rope into a pre-placed quickdraw and retrieve a quickdraw. Watch all the videos to discover all our top tips for how to get the best out of your clipstick.

Find out how to use a clipstick / stick clip with the Pongoose instructional videos. Image showing Pongoose Climber 700 retrieving quickdraw from bolt.

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